Pessimists get a bad rap.

And I'm not even saying that I am a pessimist, but I wouldn't say I am an eternal optimist either. I am deeply enamored by and just as equally terrified by the world around me and every one/thing in it.

Bad Human is an exploration of the simple truths that reveal our common humanity. Deep down I'm just a poor kid from coastal Texas living the grad school life in Oregon. The more I learn about science, art, philosophy, and environmentalism through this academic lens, the more I realize that I can't possibly be doing this right. Life. The journey of humanity. The pursuit of knowledge. 

But I want to. 

And that's the positive part. 

Most days I vacillate between feeling like a total badass, then realize that I'm just bad. At everything. Bad artist, story teller, terrible philosopher, and an even worst humanitarian and environmentalist.

A bad human.

Just in general. But I don't wallow! I do not despair! I desire to be better, to do better, to make this blip in Earth's timeline a little better than it was a couple seconds ago. 

The prose, poetry, art and photography you will find here center mostly around my current pursuits to become a better scientific storyteller, artist, student and all around human being.

"Life... is not all bad, but it is not all good, it is not all ugly, but it is not all beautiful... It is savage, cruel, kind, noble, passionate, selfish, generous, stupid, ugly, beautiful, painful, joyous--it is all these, and more..."
-Thomas Wolfe