Life... is not all bad, but it is not all good, it is not all ugly, but it is not all beautiful... It is savage, cruel, kind, noble, passionate, selfish, generous, stupid, ugly, beautiful, painful, joyous --  it is all these, and more...

-Thomas Wolfe

An Explorer and The Sargasso Sea

An Explorer and The Sargasso Sea

An Explorer

What is it you take from me? What is it

You need from me? Want from me? I feel you

On the horizon cutting through the waves

That protect my deep dark heart. How can I

Give you all that you desire, for I am

Ever changing. Too old to understand.

Wiser than any metal hull, or man,

Can comprehend. There are fathoms between

Your questions and the answers I offer.


But offer them, I do.


Each pipette of water you extract from

Below I give willingly so you can

Name your world. Have you named all of me now?

You haven’t yet. Maybe you never will.

But I want you to and I want you too.

I think I need you to figure this out.

Put my broken body back together.

Every month you wander this way, every

Year that passes between us, I become


More deeply defined by your presence.


As you take, take, and take of all that I

Can give, you become more familiar,

Yet you are always different. You carry

New faces and new generations of

Inquiring minds. They all want the same thing.

Answers from what my boundless depths contain.

Origin of life? How to save a life?

To interpret this life? To recognize

Me? To know me? To remember yourself.


I’m strong, you know.


I can help you put it back together.

Can you convince the world of my value?

Put my broken body back together?

I am at once whole yet filled by many.

Filled with measurements and results yet to

Be recorded. Filled with legions of life.

Life burdened by your sins. Filled with death. Shit.

Substrates left to linger feed an unseen

Theater. Beautiful if you look close.

Reactions I harbor fuel beginnings, 

Endings, spinning simultaneously.

Is love the reason I give my deep, blue

Heart to you, An Explorer.

The Sargasso Sea

It’s water we’re after, the sea we seek.

We’re under the spell of your smile as we

Sail unshaken, breaking through the great waves

That protect your deep, dark heart. Just be still.

A moment is all that we need. As you

Change and grow, we adapt to your flow. You’ve

Known this world far longer than us. But my

Metal frame was born of this earth, of you.

And fathoms below, answers are waiting.


But we must go through you to get them.


Each drop of water you willingly give

From the very seat of your soul leads to

Greater knowledge of this world. But can we

Ever truly know your complexities?

Will we ever touch your spirit, the way

You’ve touched ours. Will we ever know your flesh

The way you’ve known ours. Every month I look

Forward to our meeting. Every year I

Become more captivated by the deep.


We take, take, and take from you.


We just want to find a way to fix this.

To fix you. To fix ourselves. To fix our

World. Your waters and your mood are always

Mixing and changing, but you still remain  

The steadiest thing we know. The weight

Of humanity is on our shoulders,

The faces of people that want only

Answers. Humans that want to explore the

Boundless depths you contain, to witness the


Birth of life.


We could stay out here with you forever.

We would love the body that we’ve broken.

Could we change the unrequited nature

Of our amorous connection? It’s small

Particles that constitute your layers –

Exchanging electrons – Nitrogen and

Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon. A

Cacophony of combos creating

The breath of our planet. Inhale. Exhale.

Magnificent bacterial dances 

Materialize to fuel beginnings,

Endings, spinning simultaneously.

Is love the reason I long for the deep,

Blue heart of The Sargasso Sea.


Thoughts on Hope

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Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll