Freeport, located south of Houston on the Texas coast, is home to the beach that raised me. The anthropogenic pressures I witnessed unfold in my community, and the Gulf Coast waters surrounding it, still motivate how I navigate my artistic, academic, and professional career today. I have always desired to more deeply understand our place on this planet and the processes that connect each of us to it. My artistic endeavors are just one of the many ways in which I feed my desires, but I do it in hopes of inspiring others to see the world with a reinvigorated intensity.

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THE bad human

Samm has been storytelling through various mediums since her childhood and has most recently focused her creative energy into pairing environmental humanities work with poetry, photography, acrylics, and watercolor. She has lived and worked in Corvallis since 2011 as a nonprofit professional and has worked with several local businesses and nonprofits as a graphic designer and creative consultant. Now at Oregon State University, she is currently a Masters Candidate in the new Environmental Arts and Humanities graduate program and is a fellow in the National Science Foundation's National Research Traineeship. She is also minoring in Risk and Uncertainty Quantification and Communication in Marine Systems.