Ghosts of Once and Future Oceans

This series of photography and mixed media painting is an ode to a youth spent in the shadow of the petrochemical industry. It is an experiment with a new style, process, and medium. An effort to lift the veil hiding the petroculture of the Gulf from the rest of America. This is where the comforts of our modern life come from. People live here. Animals live here. We all live here. 


Surfside Texas 2017

Ghosts of Once and Future Oceans Series One focuses on the LNG facility in Surfside / Freeport Texas. These pictures are from my iPhone and I jokingly refer to them as "acrylic on poor photography." Sometimes photos just can't do justice to lived experience. The process of painting on top of the photos is a way of asking the viewer to see the world as I do, or perhaps as we all do. 

Coastal Louisiana 2018

Ghosts of Once and Future Oceans Series Two focuses on onshore petro infrastructure and industry along the coast of Louisiana. These pictures were taken with my 'real' camera. Although, this style of picture taking is different than my previous photographic endeavors. It experiments with lighting, contrast, exposure, and post-editing. They are not painted yet, but once I pick a few to play with you will be the first to know.