Artist Statement

My work is a practice in the imperfection of knowing, of feeling, of remembering, and of understanding. It examines the role of humans and technology in marine systems and how what we recognize as humanity can be found in the unexpected. It is a call to deepen curiosity and is the method I use to research and explore complex concepts in a convoluted world. I paint bold, vivid romance. The images at the end of the process aren’t ever the correct shape, size, or color. Sometimes they are rushed, messy even. But that is what love feels like, and that is what this work is meant to express. Not admiration between people necessarily, but with the all exalting thing out there that we tend to call nature—the ocean. It isn’t all good, but it isn’t all bad either. It isn’t refined or clever. But not everything can be. My work doesn't represent how the world is seen in real time; it represents how it is remembered. Scientifically informed but humanly misconstrued. Incorrect and not to scale.

Ghosts of Once and Future Oceans

Photography and Mixed media visual art inspired by growing up on the Gulf Coast. 

Swimming in Sea Butterflies

Photography from September field work on the NAKFI project.

SPARK: Art & Science at OSU

Mixed media visual art from OSU's microbiology department.

Slow Violence

Paintings that probe what it means to live in the wake of big oil near the Gulf of Mexico.

Swimming in Sea Butterflies

Photography of science and engineering from May field work on the NAKFI project.

R/V Atlantic Explorer 2016

Photography of scientific field work with OSU's microbiology department.

Pteropods Realized

Mixed media visual art funded through the NAS/Keck Futures Initative.

See Floor Studies

Mixed media visual art funded through NSF's National Research Trainee program.